Glazing Dilapidation Inspections

Glazing Dilapidation Inspections

We are able to undertake and provide both condition and dilapidation reports for our clients. Whether on an Annual basis to record the condition of the external envelope of a building or on a pre-construction and pre-lease basis.

Upon completion of our intrusive investigation works and rigorous testing regime the client will be provided with an in-depth written report: to include a detailed photographic report which will grade the severity of defects identified, detailed GA drawings to include section through detailing as required and of course a fully costed comprehensive quotation highlighting all required remedial works.

Here at GS UK we understand that every project is different, therefore our dilapidation programs are tailored to suit the individual commercial project to arrange your Dilapidation Inspection, please contact us today.


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A division of Bloor International Enterprises, Glazing Survey UK are specialists in offering independent glazing inspections at height and difficult to access locations.


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